Home Safety Checklist

Companion Care For Clients of all ages


Companion Care of Maryland

  • Emergency plan in case of fire

  • Adequate lighting throughout the house/nightlights

  • Ensure lamp, extension/telephone cords away from high traffic areas

  • Avoid polished floors - remove all non-skid resistant rugs and runners

  • Emergency numbers (i.e. Police, Fire, Local Poison control, Family and Neighbors contact information) - written in large print and posted on phone, fridge

  • Ensure smoke detectors work on every floor - keep floors and walkway uncluttered

  • Secure railings

  • Attach carpet stair treadsAscertain ability to reach dishes, pots and outlets

  • Install grab bars in tub and/or shower area

  • Apply textured strips on the floors of the tubs or showers

  • Install hand held shower nozzle


  • Replace existing switches with a "glow switch"

  • Water temperature thermostat should be set to 120 degrees or lower